Linguistics, Germ, Slavic, Asian, Afr Lang

The following are the scholarships offered by this unit:
Scholarship Title Level / Class Major Residency County State Financial Need New Student High School
Endowed Scholarship for German Language and Culture in Mayen Program Undergrad• Any Class 0725 German            
Thomas W. and Sarah L. Juntune Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad in Freiburg   0727 German            
H. Craig Melchert Endowed Fund for German and Linguistics Undergrad• Any ClassGraduate• Any Class Any in Dept:• Linguistic,Germ,Slavic,Asian&Afr Lg            
George F. Peters Scholarship Undergrad• Junior• Senior              
Wilkins/Rodman Graduate Award in Linguistics   Any in Dept:• Linguistic,Germ,Slavic,Asian&Afr Lg