Dr. Hy and Myra Shapiro Spartan Scholarship Challenge

The Scholarship is awarded based on the following qualification criteria:
General: Financial Need
Academic Level/Class: Undergraduate / Freshman
Undergraduate / Sophomore
Renewable: This Scholarship is Renewable

All students who are entering their freshman or sophomore year at MSU and who are eligible to participate in federal need-based financial aid programs will be considered for Scholarships. Initial Scholarship awards may be made only to such students.
Selection criteria for Scholarship recipients will emphasize academic credentials and promise.
Preferences for the award of Scholarships to hard of hearing or deaf students, or if students are not identified, then students identified with disabilities.

Notes on how to apply for this Scholarship:

Most awards through the Office of Financial Aid do not require an application and are determined from previously submitted information such as the Admission Application or Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If an application is required it is noted in the application section.

Link to more information: