William W. Taylor & Henry A. Regier Great Lakes Fisheries Graduate Fellowship

The Scholarship is awarded based on the following qualification criteria:
General: Leadership
Academic Level/Class: Graduate / All
Comment: A Fellowship selection committee will be established to review the applications and make recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School. The selection committee will consist of a member of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, a MSU faculty member interested in and working on Great Lakes fisheries research, a designee of the Graduate School, and a representative of a state, provincial, or tribal Department of Natural Resources. The Dean of the Graduate School reserves the right to make the final selection of the Fellowship recipient.

Graduate students are eligible to apply for the Fellowship.
Applicants shall demonstrate a dedication to understanding factors affecting the sustainability of Great Lakes fisheries ecosystems along with excellent academic credentials,
evidence of leadership, ability to communicate to the public as well as professional communities, and the ability to solve problems creatively.